Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How long will the process take?
A:   Most windshield repairs take less than 25 minutes. Glass replacement takes 30 to 90 minutes depending on the glass being replaced.

Q:  What about my stickers or fast pass?
A:   Anything attached to the old windshield (except tint film and those things that are not transferable) will be tranferred to the new windshield.
       We do not  tranfer non essential personal stickers.

Q:  What if it is raining or snowing?
A:   Windshield repairs can not be performed during any precipitation what so ever.
       Replacement can be performed between showers or when precipitation is very minimal.
       We do have a climate controlled shop in Herndon.

Q:   My vehicle is in a "parking garage", can you do it there?
A;    We have performed work in "parking garages", but prefer not to as the lighting is rarely adequate to ensure a quality job.

Q:   There is broken glass all over my car. Will you clean it up?
A:    We do our best to vacuum the broken glass from your vehicle. We do not disassemble the vehicle to remove glass particles in hidden areas.
        If there are lots of beongings throughout the vehicle you will need to remove them first.

Q:    There is glass inside my door. Will you vacuum that as well?
A:     We do our best to eliminate as much broken glass as possible. However, many newer vehicles have very tight door interiors with very little 
         access. We have compresseed air in our shop but not on our vans, we can do a more thorough job in our shop.