Insurance Billing Information
In most cases Star AutoGlass will directly bill your insurance company for your glass claim (where applicable). You pay your deductible to us and we bill your insurance company for the balance. Before initiating your claim, confirm your deductible. Determine if the difference between your deductible and the cost of the job is worth the trouble of filing a claim, then schedule the appointment with us and file the claim. You can always pay us in full and seek reimbursement from your insurance company at a later date. According to state law, your insurance company must reimburse you in full less any deductible. However, when you file a claim prior to the completion of the work, your insurance company will limit the amount they will pay, which in some cases may be less than what the most reputable shops would like to accept.
Bear in mind, you very likely will never talk to a representative of your insurance company in the filing of your claim. Instead you will be talking to a third party processor with a vested interest in steering you away from or to a particular glass shop.
We make every effort to comply with your insurance company's claims processor policies and requirements. Occasionally, despite our best efforts, a processor will delay payment for nebulous reasons. In this instance, we will enlist your help to garner payment. Ultimately, payment for work performed on a vehicle is the responsibility of the individual who contracted with us.
Virginia law states . . .

Section 38.2-517 Unfair settlement practices, replacement and repair penalty - No person shall:
Require an insured or claimant to utilize a designated replacement or repair facility or service, or the products of designated manufacturers, as a prerequisite to settling or paying any claims arising under a policy or policies of insurance; or
Engage in any act of coercion or intimidation, causing or intending to cause an insured or claimant to utilize designated repair facilities or services, or the products of designated manufacturers, in connection with settling or paying any claim arising under policy or policies of insurance.

Note: No insurance company or glass network may dictate where you take your car for repairs. Their main concern is to pay as little as possible. It does not matter who they deal with - what matters, is who you would like to have repair your vehicle!

If you encounter this coercive behavior, it should be immediately reported to the Virginia State Insurance Commissioner.
FYI: According to VA State law a insurance company may only single you out for a rate increase if; you make three or more claims in a year, you are at fault in an accident or you have developed a bad driving record.