Our Guarantee
In all the work we do, your complete satisfaction is our number one goal. If, at anytime there is an issue with any work we have performed, we will do whatever is possible, "within reason", to rectify the situation. All materials and workmanship is guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.
Warranty inspection and work is to be performed at our facility by appointment, unless indicated otherwise.
All repairs will significantly reduce the appearance of the damage (usually by more than 90%) and prevent further breakage from the point of repair. Our repairs will not reappear, yellow or fail inspection. If you are unhappy with the repair we performed or in the very unlikely event it spreads, the amount previously paid for the repair will be applied to the purchase of a new window, from us or whomever we designate, at the current market price at the time of the replacement. 
In some rare cases, the attempt to repair a window may result in the damage becoming worse. In this isolated situation, STAR Autoglass cannot be held responsible and it is the responsibility of the customer to meet any insurance deductible or pay any amount needed if the glass is to be replaced. It is to be understood, that all glass repairs are an attempt to save the glass from impending replacement.
All bonded glass we provide and install is to be free from defects. It is guaranteed to fit properly, not to leak or stress fracture and any moldings are to remain in place. All moveable windows are only guaranteed for correct fit  and function. We provide no warranty for used glass or glass not supplied by us, except for it's proper installation.
We assume no responsibility for damage to your vehicle's glass that is the result of flying objects, accidents, abuse, neglect or acts of God. If it can be clearly shown that a new part we supplied was defective, or an installation was improper, we will correct the problem free of charge.
Any work performed at the insistence of a customer, contrary to our advice, carries no warranty. 
All warranties are void for vehicles involved in an accident, after work has been performed.