We can expertly repair your stone damaged windshield saving you $
If you get a chip in your windshield, cover the damage as soon as
possible with a small piece of clear water proof tape, as this will keep the damage clear of moisture and other contaminates until such time as you are able to schedule a repair with us. Even if the damage is not bothersome, keep in mind that it is a lot like cancer, and given time it will spread into a large crack that will necessitate much costlier replacement.

We can professionally replace your windshield, door, vent, qtr or back glass
Should you have damage that is not repairable, it is advisable to get it replaced fairly quickly. A damaged windshield reduces the structural integrity of the glass by 90%. This reduction in strength reduces it's ability to act as a backboard for the passenger airbag as well as roof support in an accident. Unless a windshield is smashed, it is not going to fall in on you during normal operation.
Further, damage that transverses the drivers vision is a safety issue as it creates a distortion and causes the eyes to focus on it rather  than the road ahead.
From VA State Safety Division website:
Approved type safety glass.
Cloudiness, distortion or other obstruction to vision.
Cracked, scratched or broken glass.
Sun shading material on windshield displaying words, lettering, numbers or pictures that does not extend below the AS-1 line is permitted. In the absence of an AS-1 line, sun shading material on the windshield displaying words, lettering, numbers or pictures cannot extend more than three inches downward from the top of the windshield, unless authorized by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and indicated on the vehicle registration.
Operation of left front door glass.
Inspect for and reject if:
There is a pit, chip, or star crack larger than 1½ inches in diameter at any location in the windshield above the 3-inch line at the bottom.
At any location in the windshield above the 3-inch line at the bottom there is more than one crack from the same point if at least one of the cracks is more than 1½ inches in length. There is any crack that weakens the windshield so that one piece may be moved in relation to the other. (If there is more than one crack running from a star crack that extends above the 3-inch line, the windshield shall be rejected.)
Side View Mirror Glass Replacement * FOR MOST VEHICLES
In most cases, we can replace your broken mirror glass. As long as the mechanism behind the mirror is intact, a new mirror glass can be installed. If the mirror is missing or there is damage to the the mount behind the mirror, a complete replacement of the entire mirror assembly may be necessary.
Hydrophobic Coating
Over time, do to repeated bombardment from sand and other debris, a windshield can become very pitted an abraded. Hard water can cause nearly permanent, unsightly water spotting.
With an annual application of our coating, the glass in your vehicle can be made more resistant to abrasion, spotting and pitting. Driving  vision is improved during inclement weather. Our coating will make your glass easier to clean, and seemingly more transparent.
The coating we utilize is not commercially available and is far superior to the products found in retail stores.
Headlight Restoration    
If your vehicle's headlights are hazed, then your night vision is diminished. Not only are discolored and hazed headlights unsightly, but the light projected can be drastically reduced thereby significantly affecting your night vision.
It seems that everyone today claims they can repair hazed headlights. The biggest difference being how well they can renew the appearenece and how long their restoration will last. Many competitors just spray a coating overtop that doesn't even last 6 months. Virtually all headlights today are made of acrylic. The plastic is coated to preserve the plastic and make the surface more abrasion resistant. Unfortunately, road debris, weather and heat from the light degrade the coating and plastic over time. A proper restoration requires removal of the degraded coating, sanding to remove surface damage and recoating  with a durable new coating.
Years of experience have taught us what methods  and materials will create the greatest results.
Under normal circumstances our retoration should last in excess of 3 years.
We are the only glass company restoring headlights that is also FAA certified to restore aircraft
Wiper Blade Replacement
This service is offered as a supplemental service at the time of any other service.
At a minimum, wipers should be replaced on an annual basis. Bad wipers are the single largest cause of scratched windshields. In most cases, a new pair is less than $30. Dont' let this minimal maintenance expense destroy your expensive glass.  
 Just tell us that you need wipers when you book any other service and we'll bring a new set and install them for you.
We come to you!
If you live or work in Fairfax, eastern Loudoun or northern Prince William County, STAR Autoglass will bring our personalized professional service to you. We can repair your windshield or replace your window at your home or office while you continue with your routine. We only need to meet with you for a moment before we begin and again after we complete the work.
Give us a call at 703-264-9700 to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled professionals.