People who care about their car, use STAR!
STAR Autoglass has been serving the Northern Virginia area since 1988. Until 2008, we had been known as Star Windshield Repair. We are a small independantly owned business and are a proud franchise of the  SUPERGLASS Windshield Repair worldwide network.
Don't be confused by others in our area who have unscrupulously used "STAR" in their name so as to create confusion and garner business off of our excellent, long standing reputation.
All of our technicians are highly trained and skilled professionals.

We are the only glass company in the metropolitan area that has technicians that are FAA certified to work on aircraft windows!
In an industry where many competitors push the "cheapest price", STAR believes that quality and service should be number one. Competitors often use the least expensive glass, materials and labor they can acquire so as to offer the lowest price possible. At best, this is not good and can potentially lead to a damaged vehicle as well as serious safety issues. The single biggest issue with a "cheap" replacement is rust and corrosion (due to improper preparation of the pinchweld prior to the glass installation) which often doesn't become apparent for several years. By this time, the company likely is no longer in business and you are stuck with an expensive repair bill.
Long ago, we decided to compete on a basis of Quality and Service at a price that is fair to both our customer as well as our staff and ownership. We do not and cannot compete on price with shops that consistently offer inferior products, inexperienced-unprofessional & poorly skilled labor, poor service and in many cases, they have no liability insurance.
We are the preferred auto glass service provider for many of Northern Virginia's finest auto dealers and discerning car owners.
Whether you drive a 15 million dollar Ferrari or a 500 hundred dollar Volkswagen, we can help you with any glass concern you have.
" The satisfaction of a cheap price passes long before the dissatisfaction of a job done poorly"